Surya Foods launches Korean range into Tesco

The delights of Bibimbap (Rice Bowl), Japchae (Stir-Fried Glass Noodles) and Samgyeopsal (Korean BBQ) are now within easy reach of enthusiastic UK home cooks with the launch of Sun Hee’s Korean range into Tesco this week. 

The launch puts classic Korean ingredients at the fingertips of UK consumers with the Sun Hee range spanning traditional Korean BBQ Sauce, Gochujang (sun-dried red chilli paste), Doenjang (soybean paste) and Kimchi – probably the most recognisable traditional Korean food in the world made from spicy fermented vegetables (typically napa cabbage and Korean radish). 

Harry Dulai, Surya Foods’ managing director, said: “We are excited to bring this much-loved cuisine to UK home cooks looking to recreate their favourite Korean dishes at home. Sun Hee is a truly authentic Korean range, produced to traditional Korean recipes, for discerning shoppers who are passionate about enjoying genuine flavours.”

He added: “Footballing superstar Son Heung-min and K-pop (Korean pop) have catapulted Korean culture into the spotlight in the UK, but food has also been a critical part of its rise to popularity. London has long had an established Korean restaurant scene,  but its popularity is definitely gaining momentum with celebrity chef Judy Joo recently launching her Korean Street Food venture Seoul Bird in London – delighting foodies with her classic Korean style fried chicken. It is quite remarkable how UK consumers have embraced Korean cuisine with Korean venues popping up across the UK.

“We are delighted to be a part of this movement which sees more major supermarkets stocking authentic, key Korean ingredients to give UK consumers better access to this increasingly popular cuisine.”

He added: “We shall be sharing simple recipe ideas on our social media platforms to show UK home cooks just how easy it is to cook Korean.”

On the rise for several years, Korean food appears to have truly broken through during the last year with its arrival on the UK’s mainstream supermarket aisles.

The Sun Hee launch will be supported by a national TV advertising and marketing campaign including outdoor advertising, PR & Print, shopper promotions, events, sampling, competitions and merchandising, as well as activity across Sun Hee’s newly launched digital and social media platforms.

The new Sun Hee range features:
– Sun Hee Korean BBQ Sauce, RRP £2.20, 300g
– Sun Hee Gochujang (sun-dried red chilli paste), RRP £2.20, 170g
– Sun Hee Doenjang (Soybean Paste), RRP £2.20, 170g
– Sun Hee Kimchi,  RRP £2.50, 190g