Swedish baker Almondy teams up with Cadbury to launch hazlenut dessert

Swedish baker Almondy has once again teamed up with superbrand Cadbury to launch a hazelnut version of its popular frozen dessert.

 The brand new Cadbury Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake is sheer indulgence, combining a layer of deliciously smooth chocolate cream sandwiched between Almondy’s unique almond base, which is then smothered in Cadbury Dairy Milk and topped with chunky pieces of hazelnut.

Following the successful launch of Cadbury Chocolate Mousse and Almond Cake last year, which quickly gained market share in the frozen desserts category, Cadbury was once again the obvious choice for Almondy when looking to launch its latest dessert. This brand reassurance – the confectionary giant holds the enviable position of being the number one chocolate brand in the UK with more than 30% market share* – coupled with the quality and taste shoppers have come to associate with Almondy, will ensure the new dessert is a valuable addition to the freezer aisle for retailers.

As well as meeting the demand for indulgence and convenience, the new Cadbury Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake is baked in a dedicated gluten-free site, enabling retailers to capitalise on the ever-increasing demand for coeliac-friendly options. What’s more, with nuts – in particular hazelnuts –  undergoing a resurgence at the moment, Almondy’s latest dessert offering is bang on trend with consumers looking for added crunch, texture and flavour.

Andrew Ely, managing director, Almondy, said: “This is a very exciting launch for us as it builds on our successful partnership with Cadbury to combine the best-selling chocolate brand with the well established freezer appeal of Almondy.

“We know hazelnuts complement confectionery perfectly – we’ve seen them in chocolate bars, sandwich spreads and ice creams for many years – but this is the first time we have incorporated them into an Almondy dessert, giving customers a new taste sensation and providing retailers with a product that will appeal not just to Coeliacs but to chocolate lovers and nut lovers also.”

The launch is particularly timely, coinciding with the Swedish bakery celebrating 10 years of serving the UK with its delicious gluten-free cakes. The brainchild of two Swedish friends, Kent and Lennart, more than 30 years ago, Almondy now produces over 70,000 cakes per day at its state-of-the-art bakery in Sweden, this is the equivalent of 15 million a year.

It also propels the number of desserts in the Almondy range to five as Cadbury Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake joins Almond Cake with Daim, Almond Cake with Toblerone, Cadbury Chocolate Mousse and Almond Cake, Philadelphia Almond Layered Cheesecake with Lemon.

Cadbury Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake will be available exclusively through Tesco from Monday 28 September 2015.