Swedish retailer Indiska trials low stock messaging with Taggstar

Indiska is a family-owned Swedish-designed fashion, interiors and accessories retailer. The business was founded more than 120 years ago by female explorer Mathilda Hamilton. Her love of the cultures and environment of India inspired her to open the first Indiska store in Central Stockholm in 1901. Today the company’s combination of Scandinavian design with influences from across the world is visible across Scandinavia. The company also ships to more than 25 countries across Europe through its international ecommerce website indiska.com.

The challenge

Indiska is an established customer of Taggstar, having first tested their social proof messaging technology in 2021 to help improve the online customer experience and to support its European expansion.  In this latest experiment they wanted to further optimise the value of social proof by adding social proof messaging to the basket page, evaluating the impact on reducing basket abandonment.

The solution

Indiska’s original two-month evaluation during the summer of 2021 saw social proof messaging rolled out across seven key markets – including the UK, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Poland and Norway with a full funnel implementation that included 11 real-time message types, including Trending, Popularity and Audience views.

In this latest experiment, Indiska wanted to test the addition of Low Stock Messages on the basket page to see its impact on reducing basket abandonment running the test for 72 days from October 2021 in the UK and Nordic markets (DK, DE, FI, NO, PL, SE). The message, “Hurry! Only X left” was in addition to the 11 messages already live onsite.

The results

The original full-funnel implementation of social proof messaging from Taggstar saw a better-than-expected online conversion rate uplift of 10.62%, five times what had been predicted and a 62X return on investment since the business case had been built on a €60 AOV.

In the new experiment the full funnel experience (with the company’s 11 existing messages types) was tested against the full funnel experience plus Low Stock Messages on the basket page. Despite adding only one new message the retailer saw promising results in reducing basket abandonment and increasing conversion rate uplifts with an additional 2.23% conversion rate uplift, delivering an additional 673 incremental orders as well as a healthy increase in AOV.

Indiska and Taggstar are now continuing to work together to test further message types and channels.

Emma Hellstadius, Head of Marketing, eCommerce and Expansion at Indiska, said: “We had already seen great results from our previous trial of social proof messaging from Taggstar so to achieve further conversion rate uplifts with the addition of only one new message type shows how powerful social proof messaging can be.

There’s nothing more frustrating for customers than out of stocks, so being able to let them know that stock is running low not only helps to ensure that they don’t miss out on purchases but also helps us to reduce basket abandonment.”

Peter Buckley, CRO at Taggstar, said: “We are always pushing the boundaries for our customers. We had already delivered results far beyond expectations with Indiska’s original adoption of social proof but the fact that we’ve been able to add a further 2.23% conversion rate uplift shows just how powerful social proof messaging is.”