Sweet Freedom sugar alternative goes on sale in UK supermarkets


Sweet Freedom syrup, a natural alternative to sugar made entirely from fruit (apples, grapes and carob), and products sweetened with the syrup are going on sale in UK supermarkets. They include Kirsty Henshaw’s healthier iced dessert range, which featured on BBC’s Dragons’ Den on 14 July 2010.

Dragons Peter Jones and Duncan Bannatyne have invested in the range, which launches in supermarkets from September.

Sweet Freedom is said to provide all of the sweetness of sugar with fewer calories and a lower glycaemic impact.

Products sweetened with Sweet Freedom are now appearing in many supermarkets and high street chains as the syrup is sold as an ingredient to small and blue chip food producers looking for a healthier alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Product launches to date include granola, flapjacks, fruit and nut bars, cakes, chocolate truffles, chocolate making kits, 100% fruit spreads, cordials with cookies, muffins, coffee syrups, flavoured water, ready made porridge, dressings and sauces in the pipeline.

It is also being used to replace sugar syrups in healthier, lower calorie drinks and cocktails.

Sweet Freedom is also available to purchase at retail in a 300ml drip free squeezy bottle from Tesco, Waitrose, Holland & Barrett, Costco and health food stores nationwide. RRP is £2.99.