Swimwear retailer Swimshop sees 41% customer participation rate with new promotions technology

Sports Direct sister company Swimshop has seen a 41% customer participation rate with new promotions technology that gives shoppers the chance to win their purchases for free.

Europe’s largest online swimwear retailer, which stocks over 5,000 different products, has partnered with promotions technology company Luckycycle to install the software permanently on its website as a continual reward scheme for loyal customers.

After making payment, shoppers are asked to play on a virtual scratch card to find out if they’ve won. If successful, a refund is sent within 60 days. The campaign started at the beginning of July.

Running across all product categories, customers spending up to £150 have a one in 20 chance of winning their basket for free. Swimshop will be doubling the odds to one in 10 every Friday, with a focus on increasing sales during this period. Participation rates on a Friday have already increased to over 55%.

Follow up emails are sent to those who choose not to participate, offering a second chance, and unsuccessful shoppers are able to play again if they share news of the promotion on social media.

“Rewarding customers in a fun, unique and simple way is the most appealing thing about Luckycycle’s technology,” said Glyn Cawkwell, e-commerce designer at Swimshop. “We’ve seen an extremely positive reaction within the first weeks of the campaign – extending it long term is logistically viable and beneficial to our offering. Average order values have increased and we’ve also seen a great social engagement response.”

All winners are listed on the Swimshop website here: http://www.swimshop.co.uk/luckycycle

“Swimshop is our first client to make the technology a permanent fixture,” said Géraud de Borchgrave, MD of Luckycycle. “Offering shoppers different incentives, such as the heightened chance of winning on a Friday keeps things fresh. Luckycycle is changing the scope of retail promotions, and establishing itself as an exciting and versatile tool that increases sales and customer engagement.”

Luckycycle’s clients include Clinique, Samsonite, Royal Canin and Europe’s largest electronics retailer Media Markt. The company is claimed to be the first of its kind in the UK.