Switch up your weekend dinner plans with Lidl’s Alpine Food Range from 99p


Lidl is helping customers re-create Alpine favourites with the launch of its AlpenFest Food Range. Available in stores now, this alpine-themed collection is sure to peak shoppers’ interest!

Shoppers can tuck into warm home-baked Ready To Bake Pretzels for just £1.79 and traditional Swiss Rösti (£1.99), choosing from the Classic flavour or mix it up with Smoked Bacon & Emmental Cheese flavour for a decadent dinner. 

Lidl is also selling a variety of Alpine-inspired desserts that shoppers are sure to après-ciate. Enjoy a traditional winter warmer with the Viennese-Style Apple Strudel (£1.79) or try something new with a tub of Lidl’s limited edition Ice Cream (£1.79). Choose from three flavours including: fruity and decadent Strawberry & Bavarian Cream, comforting Apple Strudel with a smooth vanilla sauce, or sweet and zingy Black Forest Cherry flavour. 

Lidl’s AlpenFest Food Range is available in stores now and can be picked up as part of the weekly shop. 

Product NamePrice
Viennese-Style Pork Schnitzel£3.99
Bavarian-Style Meatloaf (400g) Available in Smooth Pork, Coarse Pork or Turkey£1.99
Traditional German Noodles (500g) Available in Potato Dumplings or Wheat and Spelt Egg Pasta99p
Potato Croquettes (600g) Available in Soft Cheese & herbs or Spinach & Mozzarella£1.49
Rösti (500g) Available in Classic or Smoked Bacon & Emmental Cheese£1.99
Mini Schnitzel (400/500g) Available in Mini Cordon Bleu, Mini Schnitzel or Mini Viennese-Style Schnitzel£2.79
Tyrolean-Style Oven Bake (1kg) Available in Bacon and Leek Potato Gratin or Pasta Bake£2.99
Traditional Swabian Dumplings (360g)£1.29
Smoked Pork Sausage in Curry Sauce (220g)£1.29
Smoked Sausages (540g) Available in Pork or Turkey£2.49
Cooked & Smoked Pork Sausages (550g)£1.99
Cooked Pork Sausages (250g) Available in Original or Cheese£.179
Slow-Cooked Pork Knuckle (500g)£2.99
Smoked Mini Salami (2 x 125g) Available in Smoked or Smoked with Chilli£2.49
Swiss-Style Potato Fritters with Apple Sauce (520g)£1.39
Sliced Sausage Selection (150g)£1.49
9 Ready-to-bake Pretzels (785g)£1.79
Oettinger Pils (6 x 330ml)£3.99
Franziskaner Wheat Beer (500ml)£1.49
Holsten Pils (4 x 440ml)£3.99
Perlenbacher Wheat Beer/Fest Beer (500ml)99p
Perlenbacher Fest Beer & Beer Mug (950ml)£4.99
Smoked Air-Dried Ham (600g)£8.99
Full Fat Cheese (250g) Available in Bergsteirer Semi-Hard Cheese or Hochsteirer Hard Cheese£1.99
Sliced Ham Selection (180g)£1.79
Black Forest Ham Slices (200g)£2.29
Austrian Cheese Slices (150/200g) Available in Bergtilsiter or Felsenkammer£1.69
Crumble Tart (1.25kg) Available in Plum, Cherry, Apple or Custard£2.99
Neapolitan Wafer Sandwich (400g)£2.49
Ice Cream (900ml) Available in Strawberry & Bavarian Cream, Apple Strudel or Black Forest Cherry £1.79
Viennese-Style Apple Strudel (375g)£1.79