Systeme U improves productivity in multi-channel order preparation

Aldata: multi-channel order preparation solution for Systeme U

Aldata: multi-channel order preparation solution for Systeme U

France’s fourth largest grocery retailer, Systeme U, has improved productivity in multi-channel order preparation in its warehouses with Aldata’s pack-to-light solution and introduced visual display units (VDUs) on picking trucks to complement voice technology.

The retail group, which operates 1,407 stores, incorporating hypermarket, supermarket and convenience formats, has trialled the technology in warehouses serving stores in the west of France.

According to logistics director Michel le Grouyere, the previous system using voice recognition technology and single pallet management for store orders was inefficient.

Operators found it hard concentrate for seven hours and the work was repetitive, he said. 

In addition, 50% of the order preparation time was spent on moving and just 30% of the time on picking.

“It was obvious things could be improved,” said le Grouyere. 

Store orders have also been grouped in batches so that operators can pick up a greater number of items at one time. Preparation time is therefore reduced because orders only need validating once.

VDUs are attached to each truck and used in conjunction with voice picking technology. 

According to le Grouyere, five Systeme U warehouses are now equipped with the technology. Preparation time has been reduced, productivity has improved by 5% to 7% and staff are happier.