Taco Bell UK stacks value high on the menu


In a time when value menus are either shrinking portion sizes, walking away from creating innovative products, or forcing fans to buy bland food, Taco Bell is re-writing the value rule book.

Taco Bell is kicking off the New Year with the limited time offering of the NEW £5 Stacker Box available starting from today and is re-writing the value rule book by offering scrumptiously satisfying eats at consumer-friendly prices.

The £5 Stacker Box features the Stacker, which is a delicious harmony of seasoned beef, nacho cheese sauce and melted three-cheese blend all coming together in a warm tortilla, which is folded three times to form a stack. The Stacker Box also comes with two crunchy beef tacos, regular fries and a regular drink all for just £5.

“As a brand, we don’t feel that when it comes to value you should have to compromise. At Taco Bell we’re excited to unveil the new £5 Stacker Box which offers an abundant, tasty eat at a competitive price-point – you can finally have it all,” said marketing director for Europe Katie Taylor.

Taco Bell’s new Stacker is available now in all restaurants across the UK for £1.49 a la carte and £5 Stacker Box until 20March, 2019.