Tasty Little Numbers adds portion control meal pots and wins Sainsbury’s listing


New ready meal range

New ready meal range

Portion control brand, Tasty Little Numbers, has launched a range of meal pots and won a listing in Sainsbury’s. 

The new Heat & Eat meal pots range features six products, each containing 300 calories per pack.

They are presented in bright packaging, boldly highlighting the calorie count and ingredients.

The meal pot range has been developed over a 12-month period and is manufactured and retailed under licence by Kerry Foods.

The range was initially launched in the foodservice sector, where sales are forecast to exceed £2m in 2012.

The launch with Sainsbury’s is the first step in a programme to expand the retail sector reach of the Tasty Little Numbers brand.

David Hamilton, director of innovations for Kerry Foods, said: “Tasty Little Numbers is a brand that resonates with modern, time poor consumers, it offers taste, health, indulgence and convenience … all key drivers for today’s busy consumer.”

Created by lifestyle concept creator Jo Beach, Tasty Little Numbers claims to take calorie guessing out of the equation for the time and health conscious consumer. 

Initial products included 100 calorie chocolate bars and crisps and 200 calorie snack pots.

Beach said: “We have received amazing feedback for Tasty Little Numbers from both retailers and consumers. Tasty Little Numbers is not a diet brand, it is created to be the life and soul of the health-conscious party, a brand which says, “I am fun and I care enough about myself to enjoy a balanced healthy diet with products which suit my personality”.

“Tasty Little Numbers completely ‘take the messin’ outta guessin’ and makes watching what you eat easier than ever.”