TCC’s new MasterChef cookware is put to the test by Retail Times

New MasterChef range

New MasterChef range

TCC’s new range of cookware, developed in partnership with the team behind MasterChef, makes a great addition to the kitchen.

The 26cm/10.2in stainless steel Sharing Pan is an extremely versatile piece of cookware. It combines a large casserole-style pan with a deep lid. It can be used as a traditional casserole dish with the lid either in the oven or the hob or separately. The lid can also be used for browning meat or to sauté ingredients before adding to the pan.

I’ve used the pan and lid in tandem for a Boeuf Bourguignon and separately to cook up a bolognese sauce and spaghetti. The lid also comes in handy as a serving dish and looks smart at the table too.

Also in the range is a 26cm/10.2in stainless steel, Non-Stick Crepe Pan. It has a Teflon Select coating, which makes light work of cooking crepes, even without oil. It’s perfect for pancakes – ours came out a treat. The shallow sides mean it’s also ideal for cooking fried eggs, omelettes and flatbreads since they can be slid out of the pan with ease.

A cleverly designed spot welded handle eliminates the risk of food particles becoming trapped or crepes sticking to the rivets.