Tea brand Bird & Blend curate first fully compostable loose tea packaging


Award winning tea brand, Bird & Blend, has launched the world’s first fully compostable loose tea bag packaging, a market-leading move for the brand’s sustainability.  

Britons are estimated to consume around 60.2bn cups of tea each year, with the majority using tea bags that are still not fully biodegradable and consequently ending up in landfill sites. Bird & Blend’s first-of-its-kind packaging, created with flexible packaging specialist, Parkside, is made from bio-based paper and can break down entirely within 26 weeks as the materials decompose with no adverse environmental effects.   

This latest move from Bird & Blend means that all products across its range are fully compostable and plastic free. The packaging is being rolled out across the tea mixologists’ 90 different blends.  

The tea industry has traditionally been a significant contributor to landfill, largely due to the use of plastic properties in packaging such as the sealing agent, polypropylene, which several big brands continue to use.  

However, fully compostable packaging has been complex to develop for food products due to the necessary materials required to maintain freshness. Working with Parkside, Bird & Blend managed to ensure freshness wasn’t compromised so it could work towards its mission to build a sustainable future for Britain’s best loved drink.   

Krisi Smith, co-founder at Bird & Blend, commented: “Sustainability has always been a core priority for Bird & Blend. We are acutely aware of the scrutiny that the tea industry can sometimes face when it comes to sustainability, and we’re mindful of the changes that still need to occur. ”

While we are proud of our world-first packaging, it demonstrates how there is still room for advancement - and action is required from the industry at large. The obvious next step for us was to boost the environmental credentials of our packaging, as only two of our packaging items were not plastic free, recyclable or biodegradable in 2020. However, achieving this goal has not slowed our constant search for ways to evolve and become as socially responsible as possible.  

Advocating for wider change using our resources at a local, national, and global level is of utmost importance. Not only is it necessary for businesses of all sizes to get on board with the industry wide push towards a green future – but it is also vital to ensure that we can achieve some of our goals as they are dependent on wider change in our communities.”  

Results from a recent survey by the UK Plastic Pact reveal that plastic packaging on supermarket shelves was cut by a tenth between 2018 and 2020 – a trajectory which Bird & Blend’s is set to be at the forefront of.