Teapigs launches grab and go green tea drinks in Tetra Pak cartons

New teapig green tea cartons

New teapig green tea cartons

Teapigs is entering a new category with its launch of grab and go matcha super power green tea drinks.
A perfect addition for chiller cabinets this summer, each drink contains a full 1 gram serving of teapigs matcha, blended with fruit juice and natural spring water, all inside a convenient 330ml Tetra Pak carton. The drinks roll out in mid-June (RSP: £1.89).
Matcha green tea has gained a huge following amongst consumers since teapigs bought it to the UK in 2008 in its pure powder format. Matcha is essentially a super concentrated green tea; the tea leaves are grown under shade which increases the chlorophyll content, then the leaves are ground to a fine powder. One serving contains the equivalent nutritional benefits of drinking up to 15 cups of regular green tea. It contains 70 times the antioxidants of orange juice, it is known to boost the metabolism and gives natural, slow-releasing energy and mental alertness.
Teapigs matcha green tea drinks are kept as fresh tasting as possible by being packaged in Tetra Pak cartons, which have a great environmental story to tell. They are predominantly made from paperboard, a natural, renewable resource, which is also produced mainly using renewable energy, making them a low carbon packaging choice. The Tetra Pak® cartons used by teapigs are also recyclable and hold the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC®) stamp of approval, which means that as people enjoy their teapigs matcha green tea drink, they can be confident they are doing their bit to help the world’s forests. The cartons are BPA-free and committed to making food safer, with minimum stress on the environment.
Louise Cheadle, teapigs co-founder and tea taster, said: “Since launching our matcha powder in 2008 it has been flying off the shelves with sales increasing every year. It’s traditionally drunk as a hot green tea but, because it’s a powder, it’s very versatile and consumers have been whisking it in to fruit juices or smoothies or making it up as a latte at home. With the trend showing no sign of abating, we have now created our matcha super power green tea drink to make it even easier for everyone to get their daily matcha dose on-the-go.”
Containing no added sugar and with less than 32 calories per 100ml, teapigs are introducing the drinks in perfect timing following recent media attention around the harmful effects of high sugar levels and hidden calories in drinks previously thought to be good for you. Smart retailers need to be providing their health-savvy customers with new natural cold drink options like teapigs matcha.