Ten Locks ventures into American whiskey

Ten Locks – the drinks company curating a portfolio of conscious brands – steps into the booming American whiskey sector with its latest partner, Redwood Empire Whiskey. 

The partnership will bring three unique, barrel-aged Redwood Empire Whiskeys to the UK; Pipe Dream Bourbon Whiskey, Emerald Giant Rye Whiskey and Lost Monarch Blend of Straight Whiskey will all be available from July.   

All three expressions are select blends of aged whiskeys between four and twelve years old, staged with new woodcut-style labels depicting America’s most iconic conservationist, John Muir, who believed that nature rejuvenates a person’s spirit, and valued the natural world for its beauty and healing properties. 

Redwood Empire Whiskey joins Ten Locks because of its innovative proposition and sustainability credentials. Each Redwood Empire Whiskey is handcrafted by a small team of five led by master distiller Jeff Duckhorn, who touches all aspects of production – from grain to glass – before the whiskeys are nurtured by Sonoma’s moderate-year-round climate. The result is smooth whiskeys of complexity, consistency and a character the Redwood Empire team has dubbed “Sonoma-boutique style”.  

Becky Davies, head of commercial at Ten Locks, says: “A rare gem in a booming category, this is a beautiful brand to look at, taste, enjoy and experience. Redwood Empire Whiskey has stand-out strength of character and – much like Ten Locks – is dedicated to leading the category both in terms of innovation and being a force for better. At a time when we’re all looking to nature and the outdoors to nurture our sense of wellbeing, we know consumers and bartenders will fall in love with Redwood Empire Whiskeys.” 

Derek Benham, owner and founder of Redwood Empire Whiskey, said: “Craft whiskey drinkers across the globe are growing in number, and they’re looking for new brands, origins and style. We’re proud to offer them an authentic Sonoma brand that isn’t like any other whiskey.” 

Jeff Duckhorn, master distiller at Redwood Empire Whiskey, says: “We set out to create a portfolio of whiskey that are a true reflection of the spirit and landscape of our Northern California home – rugged, pioneering, adventurous, and aesthetically beautiful. Sonoma County has been an early pioneer of the craft drinks scene, starting with wine, and in recent years, beer; we believe that now is the time for spirits to gain attention as the next stage of Sonoma’s craft beverage story.” 

Redwood Empire Whiskey embodies and expresses the authentic character of its Sonoma 

County California origins: the heart of California’s majestic Redwoods. The Redwood Empire is a stretch of land that is home to uniquely indigenous trees that are some of the tallest on earth. Each Redwood Empire Whiskey blend and aesthetics is inspired by its namesake.  

Pipe Dream Bourbon (45% abv); Standing at 367 feet, “Pipe Dream” is the fourteenth tallest tree on earth. The whiskey is blended from barrels that have been aging from four to twelve years to create a deep golden bourbon with rich, complex flavours of vanilla, roasted pecans and a slight woody char. 

Emerald Giant Rye (45% abv); This expression’s namesake is the fastest growing Redwood in the world. It is blended from rye barrels aged four to five years and brings together spice, orange peel, a hint of honey and peppery cinnamon finish. 

Lost Monarch Blend of Straight Whiskeys (45% abv); Honouring the tallest tree in the 

Redwood Empire’s Grove of Titans, this award-winning blend is crafted from four-to-five-year-old rye and four- to twelve-year-old bourbon. 

Influenced by John Muir and a deep respect for the forests surrounding the distillery in Sonoma County, Redwood Empire Whiskey is a partner to Trees for the Future (TREES), an international development non-profit that seeks to alleviate poverty, eradicate hunger and heal the environment. TREES trains farmers to plant and manage Forest Gardens that help them sustainably feed their families, raise their incomes, and end deforestation. For each bottle of Redwood Empire Whiskey sold, TREES will plant a tree.  225,000 trees have been planted by Redwood Empire Whiskey to date.     

Redwood Empire Whiskey has an RRP of £50 per 70cl bottle.  

Redwood Empire Whiskey joins Nusa Caña, Langley’s Gin, Applewood Gin, West Cork Irish Whiskey, Salford Rum, Diablesse Rum, Mary White Vodka, Banhez Mezcal and El Tequileño in Ten Locks’ portfolio of purpose-led, progressive brands. Get in touch with the Ten Locks team at  sales@tenlocks.com to find out more or visit @Tenlocksdrinks on Instagram.