TENA recreates Victoria’s Secret catwalk image on statement London billboard to launch Silhouette Noir

TENA, the market leading incontinence brand, has launched Silhouette Noir, a product designed to give confidence back to women with incontinence, with a one-off stunt displaying images  in the style of a Victoria’s Secret catwalk on Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road in London.  The images feature age 40+ women who are all wearing the new TENA incontinence products.

TENA Silhouette Noir is the UK’s first black incontinence product featuring a discreet low waist, making it look, feel and fit far more like traditional underwear than standard incontinence pants. The innovation is a female-focused product from the brand that’s currently worth £127.9m and experiencing growth of 5%. 

The launch comes after TENA identified a gap in the market for a range of black incontinence products in the UK that that are as close as possible to the underwear women wear every day.  Research conducted by TENA found that 84% of women have black underwear and 53% of women wear black underwear most often.  The brand also identified that women feel their current protective underwear protects against leaks but doesn’t look enough like ordinary underwear.

The result of the research is the launch of TENA Silhouette Noir to the UK market this month with the range expected to add incremental growth to the category.

Awareness for the launch of TENA Silhouette Noir will be driven by a one-week media relations-led campaign. The campaign has recreated Victoria’s Secret ‘Angels’ catwalk images but feature women age 40+ wearing the Silhouette Noir all-black pants.  The images will appear on a 48-sheet billboard and digital 6-sheets on Oxford Street, a location renowned for its fashion credentials. The stunt precedes a large-scale comms campaign to continue to reposition the brand and a modern, progressive brand which is for all women.

Anna McCrory, senior brand manager for TENA UK, said: “Despite the fact that one in three women over 35 experience bladder weakness, it remains a taboo subject for many of us. At TENA, we are on a mission to tackle these taboos and inspire women who experience incontinence to feel good about themselves.

“We are incredibly proud of this new product and the exciting campaign we’ve devised to launch it.  Placing this creative along Oxford street positions incontinence product in a fashion context for the first time and will genuinely change the lives of many of our consumers.

“Silhouette Noir truly breaks new ground, helping women to feel sexy, confident and able to wear what they like without being restricted by the colour or shape of their underwear, an important step towards normalising incontinence.”

The product launch stunt will run over a one-week period and is estimated to reach between 4.5 and seven million consumers.  The campaign will be accompanied by further marketing activity including social media and SEO. 

TENA Silhouette Noir is made from a unique soft micro-stretch fabric that is virtually invisible under clothes. The brand-new black colour option has been introduced to complement women’s preferences in underwear colour. It can be bought in both medium and large sizes.