TENZING launches Take Action campaign with icy Sir David Attenborough

TENZING, natural energy and sports drinks has launched a new sustainability initiative called Take Action which sees TENZING become the world’s first carbon negative energy drinks brand.  

TENZING yesterday launched its carbon management plan which provides people with accessible and measurable tools to help make environmental changes, from a personalised carbon footprint calculator to making its community carbon neutral.

TENZING marked the launch by installing a giant sculpture of Sir David Attenborough to demonstrate the Arctic sea ice melt caused by one UK person every fortnight.  

Measuring at just under 5m3, the installation signified the impact our carbon emissions are having on the planet and calls for people to reassess their personal actions. The climate crisis can no longer be ignored due to the COVID pandemic, EVERYONE must take responsibility and act now – or watch the opportunity to halt environmental disaster evaporate.

Following Attenborough’s call for help on Instagram where he shared that “saving our planet is now a communications challenge”. TENZING’s is helping the UK’s national hero tackle the climate crisis by inspiring people to Take Action.

Not only does TENZING disrupt the industry when it comes to sugar packed energy drinks but its core value is to take a stand to raise social awareness of the impending environmental issues we are facing by urging consumers to take immediate action. Whilst other energy drinks actively invest in carbon expansion in the form of F1 cars and high-octane events, TENZING is taking action now rather than letting the climate crisis continue to snowball out of control.