Tenzing Norgay’s son and ex-Red Bull executive launch natural energy drink with less sugar

TENZING, a 100% natural energy drink with less than half the sugar of its competitors, has been launched today by a former Red Bull executive and Jamling Tenzing Norgay, the son of first Everest summiter, Tenzing Norgay.

TENZING, a drink inspired by the natural energiser of the Nepalese Sherpas only contains all-natural ingredients such as green coffee, guarana and green tea which give the same natural uplift as synthetically created energy drinks.

TENZING founder and former Red Bull marketing director Huib van Bockel named the drink after Himalayan Sherpa and mountaineer Tenzing Norgay who, together with Sir Edmund Hillary, was the first man to climb Mount Everest in 1953.

A natural alternative

“The market is saturated with drinks that use artificial ingredients,” said van Bockel.

“There’s really no need to synthetically create an energy drink, when it’s possible to source powerful, energising ingredients directly from nature. So, one year ago that’s what we set out to do.”

“On our travels in search of ingredients, we stumbled upon the natural energiser of the Sherpa people. It’s a stimulating brew that has been used for decades to fuel expeditions on Mount Everest. This brew not only inspired our key ingredients, it also inspired our name ‘TENZING’, chosen in honour of Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, one of the first two men to reach the top of the world’s highest mountain. His adventure was one of the greatest and most enduring of all time.

“Since then we’ve visited the Norgay family who told us of his modest approach and eternal smile, his closeness to nature, his team ethos, his drive for adventure and above all his burning ambition to be the first man on the world’s highest summit.” 

TENZING ingredients

Van Bockel scoured the globe in search of the most effective, natural ingredients; these six made the cut. Along with mineral rich rock salts from the Himalayas each can of TENZING also contains guarana and lemon juice from Brazil, green coffee and green tea from Kenya, and beet sugar from the bio diverse farms of the Netherlands.

Huib did not only rely on historical and cultural evidence to choose his naturally energising ingredients, he also sought the advice of leading nutritionists.

“The challenge for us was to create an uplifting energy drink using only natural ingredients. It was a challenge that proved to be distinctly possible.

TENZING contains a unique and never before seen mix of functional ingredients. The mix of natural caffeine from green coffee and guarana, blended with the L-Theanine (which is found in green tea) is not present in any other energy drink and is known to aid concentration and focus.”

“Also, to aid hydration, the Himalayan rock salts are an excellent and natural source of electrolytes. Lemon juice is also renowned for its revitalising qualities; Edmund Hillary said it played a crucial role in his successes on the world’s highest mountain.”

Cutting back on the sugar

“We spent a great deal of time researching exactly how much sugar to use in our product. The sugar levels in energy drinks currently on the market range from 27 grams at the bottom, to well over 65 grams at the top. You simply don’t need all that sugar. Another thing we have excluded from our recipe is the worrying artificial sugar replacements.

We have chosen to include only 13 grams of natural beet sugar, enough to give you a nice lift. The natural sugar in TENZING is proportional to the amount found in coconut water.”


Pod, which has 22 stores in London, is leading the TENZING natural energy revolution in London. Meg Ellis, marketing director at Pod, said: “Everybody is looking for good ways to manage their energy in a natural and healthy way. This philosophy drives our menu development at Pod so TENZING was a natural fit to accompany our good, nutritious food. We are thrilled to be an early adopter of this clever, energising drink and sales of TENZING have exceeded expectations in the first few days.”

Fueling London’s tech entrepreneurs

“I’ve been drinking my own drink ever since I took delivery of the first samples early in the year. 2015 has been the most productive year of my life and I’m putting it down to TENZING,” said van Bockel “From the outset I started distributing it in the silicon roundabout, first through friends and now through stores like Pod and online sales.”

Martin Adams, founder of Codec, recently valued at £4m agreed: “This mindful energy drink is like my little bio hack, it’s helped me and my team work and be incredibly focused and concentrated. Drinking the old energy drinks is a bit like Wonga: you get the money, but you know you’ll pay for it later. The energy in TENZING is much more mindful, everybody at the silicon roundabout is all over it.”


Nature is at the heart of everything TENZING does, and it’s what drives the brand. The company has therefore committed to the following principles and initiatives:

  • The TENZING aluminium can is 100% and infinitely recyclable. Aluminium is also the 3rd most abundant element on earth
  • The TENZING bottling plant in the Netherlands is next to a spring where the company sources all its water. It is not only the best quality to be found, it also doesn’t have to travel far. The plant is situated right next to the Maas river and TENZING can therefore transport all it’s cans by boat to London, rather than use trucks that clog up the roads. This saves 42% of the potential CO2 emissions
  • TENZING donates 5% of its profits to projects that help sustain the environment. The first two projects to receive this support include The Plastic Project by TENZING’s house photographer Tim Nunn. TENZING also works with the Tenzing Norgay family on environmental projects in the Himalayas In May next year they will build multiple waste recycling units on the busy and very littered route up to the Base Camp on Mt Everest

For more information on TENZING, please visit: www.teamTENZING.com or follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram.