Tesco and Asda share databases for new allergy checker app

New FoodWiz app

New FoodWiz app

Tesco and Asda have teamed up with the provider of a new app, which allows consumers with food intolerances to check products on their mobile phones.

The supermarkets are supplying product information for the FoodWiz app, which is available on the iPhone and Android-based phones.

The app uses the camera on the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad2 and over 40 Android phones to identify items by barcode. 

A consumer registers an account with the FoodWiz web site (www.FoodWiz.co ), selects the information they would like to receive, and downloads the software and database of information to the phone. Once they have received the database, they don’t need a signal on the phone to go shopping and, like SatNav systems sold in the UK, can update our database as little or as often as they like.

According to FoodWiz, the database provides information on 86,543 food products sold in the UK and occupies 11 megabytes of storage memory on the phone – less than 0.01% of the total capacity. 

Storing the database on the phone returns information on a product almost instantly from barcode recognition, the company claims.

FoodWiz is also working with Allergy UK, the helpline for allergy sufferers, on the supply of product information to consumers.

The launch of the FoodWiz app follows field trials across the UK. 

Earlier this year, Sainsbury’s launched an exclusive allergy checker app, isitinit. It also checks ingredients by scanning the barcode.