Tesco beats BP as UK’s favourite fuel retailer


Fuel specialists under pressure from supermarkets

Tesco is the UK’s favourite fuel retailer, according to a new survey of motorists conducted by independent market analyst, Datamonitor.

Second place was also scooped by a supermarket – Morrisons. Fuel specialist, BP, which has the largest share of the market and biggest network of sites in the country was ranked fifth and scored particularly poorly for the price of its fuel.

Alex Jeater, service station retail analyst at Datamonitor, said: “Supermarkets have been popular with consumers for fuel for a while due to lower prices. However they’re now beating traditional forecourts for service and shopping as well.”

Datamonitor predicts supermarkets will start to steal market share from traditional fuel retailers, despite the fact Shell and BP sold the most petrol by volume in the UK last year. Its survey found 25% of motorists said they were increasingly filling up at supermarkets.

Jeater said: “Supermarket fuel promotions, which give motorists a discount or loyalty points based on their store spend, have enhanced their popularity. Supermarket fuel retailers also appeal to time-pressed consumers and one in three respondents indicated they now use pay-at-pump, a feature which is most common at supermarket forecourts.

“If drivers’ opinions are anything to go by, 2011 is going to be a tough year for the traditional fuel retailers.”