Tesco doubles sustainable period care range with TOTM


It came as no surprise when hand sanitiser, toilet roll, and bleach swiftly became staple trolley additions. But, nobody predicted organic period care products would surge in popularity too.

After boasting a 44% increase in year-on-year sales at supermarket chain Tesco, purpose-driven period care brand TOTM has almost doubled its offering for the retail giant, during the pandemic.

As of this week, shoppers can expect to find a total of nine TOTM products in Tesco stores across the country – four of which are landing on its shelves for the first time: 

TOTM Organic Cotton Wrapped Liner (24) – £3.60

TOTM Reusable Tampon Applicator – £20.00

TOTM Organic Cotton Non-Applicator Tampons Regular (18) – £3.00

TOTM Organic Cotton Super Pads (10) – £3.35

With a mission to bring sustainable period care into the mainstream, TOTM is pleased to expand distribution, and make its products more accessible; in turn, giving more shoppers a chance to actively re-think period care.

Environmental activist and founder of the #EndPeriodPlastic Campaign, Ella Daish, says: “It’s reassuring to see supermarket leaders like Tesco take another positive step in the right direction, by increasing the amount of options in their plastic-free period range. Changes like this really help to raise the much-needed awareness of the sustainable options out there”. 

Since the surge in panic-buying of tins, toilet roll, and tampons back in March, TOTM is continually working to ensure such necessary femcare products are available in some of the UK’s favourite major retailers, including Tesco, Superdrug, Ocado, and Urban Outfitters.