Tesco pledges to move to sustainable tuna by 2012

Tesco today pledged all its canned tuna will be caught by the pole-and-line method by the end of 2012.

Tesco director for corporate and legal affairs, Lucy Neville-Rolfe said: “We’re delighted to announce we will be progressing to 100% pole-and-line sourced tuna on our own brand canned tuna by the end of 2012, during which time we will be working to ensure that this can be achieved in a sustainable way that guarantees the quality and traceability of the product.

“We’ve been moving in this direction for some time – just recently we increased the proportion of pole-and-line to 25% of our own brand canned tuna as a step towards our goal.”

To achieve its target, Tesco said it will work with suppliers and independent conservation organisations to guarantee the sustainability of pole-and-line caught tuna, including possible impacts on the marine food chain, traceability of tuna through the supply chain and ensuring that food safety standards meet our stringent requirements.

Tesco has signed a partnership agreement with the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership to independently review our fisheries.

Tesco supports the establishment of large-scale no-take marine reserves in order to restore the health of the ocean ecosystems, including the establishment of high seas marine reserves over the Pacific Commons region.