Tesco reduces website load times in Asia with CDNetworks in bid to boost global online sales

Tesco has reduced website load times by over 70% in Asia by deploying CDNetworks’ Content Acceleration as part of its strategy to bolster global online sales in key growth markets including China, Thailand and Malaysia.

The move is also designed to ensure an efficient shopping basket experience.

Chirag Shah, lead service manager, online international grocery at Tesco, said: ”With plans to continue supporting our global position and online growth, we needed to strengthen our e-commerce end-user shopping experience in order to remain competitive. Speeding up the web page content delivery to our customers is imperative in order to provide an uninterrupted online experience and encourage repeat visits and purchases. By using CDNetworks, we can offer our customers quick, exceptional service.”

By using CDNetworks’ Content Acceleration, static content is cached locally close to the end user, thus reducing distance-induced latency from Tesco’s local servers. This has decreased load time of Tesco’s web pages by over 70% and the time it takes to render cached content by up to 40%. At the same time, CDNetworks’ Dynamic Web Acceleration Service accelerates the shopping basket, providing customers with a fast, efficient and glitch-free online shopping experience.

Being able to provide customers around the world with the an excellent online shopping experience is key to raising Tesco’s profile globally, enabling it to tap into international markets and grow revenue. China has become the world’s second-largest ecommerce market, with estimates that by 2020 the sector could generate $420bn to $650bn in online sales and equal that of the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany and France combined. However, the nature of the internet in China poses barriers to entry for retailers.

Shah said: ”China poses certain restrictions on international websites that need to be adhered to, otherwise they can be blocked. In addition, due to the fragmented network topology and limited peering points, it can be a challenge to provide consistent website performance across the country. In order to ensure our website was reaching our customers in China, we needed a content delivery network provider that not only has the necessary local infrastructure in place, but can also help us with the regulatory requirements. CDNetworks met our needs as it has a strong infrastructure and local presence in China as well as our key markets for Tesco.”

Jeff Kim, president & COO of CDNetworks Americas/EMEA, said: ”Asia can prove to be a challenge for many retailers when it comes to ecommerce. Geography, local infrastructure and awkward regulations are all barriers to entry that need to be overcome in order to deliver an effortless glitch-free online shopping experience for consumers, while remaining competitive, building a strong profile and increasing revenue. With our local expertise and Points of Presence, we are well positioned to help global companies such as Tesco reach their international audience effectively.”