Tesco snaps up FUEL10K’s new Low Sugar Granolas  


Tesco has snapped up a new Low Sugar Granola range from FUEL10K, the protein-boosted breakfast brand. Featuring new inverted packaging, with a distinctive white background rather than the brand’s trademark black, the new low sugar variety will be available through Tesco stores at the end of June 2017.

In a further vote of confidence in the FUEL10K brand, listing six new skus and broadening store count on existing products Tesco has increased its ranging by 122% from 3714 to 8246 stocking points.

Scott Chassels, newly appointed MD of FUEL10K, says: “After a barrage of new granolas arriving about two years ago it is great to see our brand find more space. Tesco has two of our black protein granolas and in a bold move has listed our new Low Sugar Granolas in over 500 stores, a great boost for the brand. And the increase in Tesco stocking points across the range is another major boost for the business. They’ve really embraced our latest Quark with Fruit pouches, which have only been on the market for six months.”

The FUEL10K Low Sugar Granola will be available in two popular flavours – Chocolate and Apple & Cinnamon – offering 3.8g and 4.8g sugar per 100g – making chocolate the lowest sugar granola in UK mainstream grocery. The mix of natural sugars and Oligofructose (derived from root vegetables) along with added cocoa and pieces of apple and cinnamon combine to create a healthier and tasty breakfast.  The RRP is £2.99 per 400g.

Chassels adds: “Consumers are looking for convenient and nutritionally sound breakfasts and FUEL10K is delivering on all fronts. All of our retailer partners are committing more space and depth of distribution to FUEL10K. In addition to Tesco, we recently secured new listings with Waitrose and Ocado; gained a 40% increase in distribution with ASDA; Morrisons takes two granolas in July; doubled our distribution with the Co-Op: and won a major boost from Sainsbury’s. Our shoppers are younger than the average breakfast consumer and they tend to spend more in the category; an insight that has been a key part in these recent wins.”