Tesco to stock Shaken Udder’s new milkshake cartons alongside bottles

Tesco will stock Shaken Udder cartons alongside bottles

Tesco will stock Shaken Udder cartons alongside bottles

From February 2014, customers will be able to pick up packs of Shaken Udder’s new all-natural milkshake in cartons in Tesco stores.
The retailer already stocks Shaken Udders range of 330ml bottled milkshakes and has further committed to the Essex-based brand by stocking the Strawberry, Chocolate and Banana Kids Milkshake in handy, portion-sized 200ml Tetra Pak cartons. The drinks will be available in packs of three, RRP £1.89 from the lunchbox drink aisle.
According to a government-commissioned report, just 1% of school lunchboxes were found to be as nutritious as school meals. Co-founder of Shaken Udder, Jodie Farran, said: “Tesco is one of our biggest stockists so we are thrilled that they believe in the brand enough to take on our full range. We launched our milkshake in cartons in October last year and sales have gone from strength to strength ever since.
“To further support the launch of this new range we’ve also created a brand-new website especially for kids aged five to 11 and their parents. www.shakenudderkids.com allows users to sign up for free and become part of the ‘Moo Crew’, collect moolar, play games, bring together cartoon characters, compete with friends and win prizes – we’ve already given loads away.”
Research by Mintel highlighted one quarter of kids’ lunchbox purchasing decisions were made with health in mind and that lunchbox offerings should meet the demands of both shopper (mum) and consumer (child), be healthy and nutritious as well as tasty and fun – Shaken Udder milkshakes and the new website do just that.
Andrew Smith, marketing manager at Tetra Pak UK & Ireland, said: “We are delighted that Shaken Udder has chosen our portion-sized Tetra Prisma Aseptic® carton for their extended range. Its convenient shape and size makes it perfect for modern families and a great lunchbox choice.”
“While many other flavoured milks on the market are made with flavours rather than real ingredients, Shaken Udder recipes have natural ingredients, with nothing artificial added. The special layers of the carton also protect the goodness of the product, right until it is opened, without the need for refrigeration or preservatives. This means these handy little cartons are great to stock up on as a healthy treat. 
“Each milkshake is made with semi-skimmed British milk blended with real pieces of strawberry, Belgian chocolate or banana and is packed full of calcium and vitamin B12, which is great for natural immunity support. What’s more, each pack has a different children’s character on and there are 10 to collect.”