Tesco switches to biodegradable glitter for plant and flower ranges


The UK’s biggest retailer, Tesco will be now be using only biodegradable glitter on their plant and flower ranges.

Traditional glitter is a microplastic, and can be potentially harmful in the environment, so Tesco were looking for a “green” alternative to decorate their flowers.

The retailer will now be working with Ronald Britton Ltd the inventors and manufacturers of eco-friendly glitter brand, Bioglitter, who will be supplying their Bioglitter PURE product, for Tesco’s decorated flower ranges, starting this Christmas.

The Bioglitter PURE product range is the world’s first and only glitter which is plastic free, TÜV certified biodegradable and verified microplastic free.

The product is made from a special form of cellulose, unique to Bioglitter and has passed independent tests including TÜV, Austria’s ‘OK Biodegradable WATER’ Certification, which guarantees biodegradation in natural, freshwater environments.

Michelle Buck, horticulture product development manager at Tesco, said: “We are determined to reduce the environmental impact of products and as such we’ve pledged to remove more than one billion pieces of plastic from products by the end of 2020.  Using Bioglitter on our products is one of the ways we are working towards that pledge, replacing the plastic glitter traditionally used on plants and flowers with this eco-friendly alternative. 

“Bioglitter® PURE is new to the market and the world’s first plastic free glitter, certified biodegradable in the natural environment and we are the first retailer globally to use this new glitter on plants and flowers.”

Stephen Cotton, sales and marketing director of Bioglitter, said: “It’s brilliant to see Tesco really driving forward on their campaign to cut plastic waste and we are really pleased to be working with them.

“Tonnes of plastic glitter is used by supermarkets in cards, packaging and in particular for flower and horticultural decoration.  It’s potentially a major microplastic issue, and glitter can find its way into the environment not only when goods are ultimately disposed of but also all the way through the supply chain. Bioglitter has been created to solve this issue, and as a plant based, naturally degradable glitter, when it does find its way into the environment it will simply decompose like a leaf.”

Bioglitter PURE was launched just earlier this year and was developed for the cosmetic sector, winning Gold for innovation at in-cosmetics global, the world’s most prestigious cosmetic raw material exhibition.  Despite being aimed at the cosmetic market, the product is robust enough to use in coating, printing and decorative applications and Tesco has opted for the product on flowers, because of its incredible eco-credentials. 

Cotton added: “We have been on a journey over the last 10 years to create the Bioglitter the world’s leading eco-friendly glitter and having huge names like Tesco using the product, really is a great endorsement of our brand, and also shows their commitment to using the very best eco-friendly products available in order to help tackle the plastic waste and environmental pollution issues we face.”