Tesco to stock Clippy’s Apples jam in 800 UK stores

Clippy's Apples: Tesco listing

Clippy's Apples: Tesco listing

Tesco is stocking Clippy’s Apples range of apple jam in 800 stores next week.

The six-strong range includes Apple Pie Conserve, Apple & Figgy Diggy Conserve and Apple & Blueberry Conserve.

Developed by Manchester couple Michelle McKenna and Paul Gorman, the duo claim to make the UK’s first commercially-made apple jam, which uses only British apples.

Tesco desserts and spreads buyer James Moyle said: “It’s bizarre – apples and jam are two of the most iconic products enjoyed by Brits yet the two have never been combined as a commercially made food.

“When we were presented with that idea we couldn’t believe it and just thought why not?

“We think that Clippy’s is one of the most innovative products to hit the world of spreads for a long time and are very excited to be working together.”

Clippy’s Apples claims a key differentiator of the range is a higher fruit content than standard varieties. According to the company, this makes the jams extremely versatile and they can be used with cheese, meats and other dishes.

McKenna said: “Our products are much higher in fruit content than any of our competitors which, as well as being healthier, allows for lots of usage and recipe ideas. They are not just for toast.”

The conserves retail from £1.99 each for a 295g jar.