The 30 Most Influential Ecommerce Leaders Honoured by Signifyd

Signifyd today announced the 2021 Most Influential in Ecommerce award winners, a group of retail professionals who met the challenges of a lifetime head on and propelled their organisations to heights that were barely imaginable even a year ago. 

During a year of challenges unlike any other for ecommerce professionals, these 30 exceptional commerce heroes stood out for displaying the brilliance, creativity, agility, perseverance and, yes, courage, to help families meet their shopping needs while allowing them to stay home and avoiding the risks of in-store shopping. 

“When you think about where we all were just about a year ago, when the COVID pandemic hit, and consider what these Most Influential in Ecommerce award winners have accomplished, it’s truly remarkable,” Signifyd CEO Raj Ramanand said in announcing the awards. “We are genuinely fortunate to be associated with these industry leaders and we’re really excited about building and fostering this community of ecommerce visionaries.” 

The Most Influential in Ecommerce is a program as much as it is an award, providing ongoing learning opportunities within the community. Honourees will share the depth and breadth of their knowledge through a series of year-round virtual (and hopefully soon physical) events. 

The Most Influential award concept was born of the heroic efforts exhibited by many online retailers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Story after story emerged of inspirational ecommerce leaders scaling operations to deliver essential goods, managing broken supply chains with creativity, deploying new click-and-collect options in record time, all while overcoming the never-before-seen challenges of the COVID-19 era.

“Being recognised by one of Maplin’s most trusted and long-standing partners is very special to me,” said honouree Ollie Marshall, Maplin’s managing director.

The 2021 honourees fall into five categories: Women in Ecommerce, Fraud Fighters in Ecommerce, D-to-C Pioneers in Ecommerce, Omnichannel Trendsetters in Ecommerce and Global Titans in Ecommerce.

They include leaders such as Andrew Showman, of CurrentBody, who added more than 20 members to his team in 2020, onboarding most of them without ever meeting in person; Simon Michell, of Pure Electric, who helped successfully manage significant growth throughout the COVID pandemic and Marshall, of Maplin, who saw the groundwork his team built pre-pandemic successfully carry the enterprise through an extraordinary year that saw revenue grow threefold. You can find all the winners’ stories by visiting Signifyd’s website.

The 2021 Most Influential in Ecommerce winners are:

The 30 Influencers will be honoured today during a virtual gathering featuring Forrester Vice President, Principal Analyst Suchartia Kodali, a leading expert in ecommerce and omnichannel retail.