The Data Privacy Group creates new solution to ensure businesses meet global cookie compliance obligations


The Data Privacy Group, the global data privacy compliance provider, announces the launch of its new layered configuration of the cookie compliance tool powered by OneTrust in a move to help clients meet current cookie regulations and future proof their compliance.

With so many differing data privacy regulations across the world, it can be difficult for businesses to ensure they meet the requirements in every jurisdiction. The global nature of the internet means that businesses cannot settle for being compliant in the jurisdiction in which they are based – they must be compliant with the regulation of where the customer is based and browsing from. With automated cookie pop ups increasingly the ‘norm’, this can make it easy for businesses to get caught out by local regulators.

However, cookies remain a vital tool for marketing departments that use them to gain insights on website visits and user profiles that are critical for business success and driving sales. To ensure both maximum success for the client and full transparency and privacy for the consumer, the new configuration, which is built on the OneTrust platform, will automatically ensure that a business’ cookie banner is collecting the right permissions from the consumer regarding the use of their data. The tool detects where the end user is browsing from using the computer’s IP address and then automatically displays the right user experience for that jurisdiction.

Additionally, should the law change in a particular jurisdiction or new regulation come into play, the solution can be updated by Data Privacy Group consultants, resulting in continued compliance for all of those using the tool.

This is especially relevant ahead of the implementation of the new Chinese regulations from November – the Personal Information Protection Law.

Iain Borner, professional services director at The Data Privacy Group, comments: “Data protection regulations can be overwhelming, especially when, like in the cases of cookies, companies need to be aware of differences in regulation across the globe to ensure they don’t get caught out. With the pandemic accelerating the shift to online, this issue is affecting online retailers more than many would realise. It’s vital that we solve it for the benefit of the end user and the businesses that could potentially be crippled by fines for non-compliance. Our new solution will help us help our clients and takes away all the angst that can come when trying to understand various regulations. Additionally, businesses can continue to gather data as long as they have the appropriate permissions in place, meaning that they can continue to benefit from cookies, and enhance their sales strategies by appropriately targeting their customers.”