The English Whisky Co. launches exclusive triple-distilled single malt

The English Whisky Co. has unveilled a brand new Triple Distilled English Single Malt Whisky, with just 1462 bottles available to the public from 12 September.

The art of triple distilling is normally the preserve of the Irish but the expert distillers at The English Whisky Co. in Norfolk have unlocked the secret and created an incredibly elegant and delicate whisky to appeal to ardent whisky lovers.

“We are proud of this beautiful new whisky and we know that it will be snapped up by those who appreciate a truly special and limited edition single malt. At just £51.99 a bottle, it’s likely to be gone very quickly!” says Andrew Nelstrop at The English Whisky Co.

The new small batch launch promises aromas of vanilla custard, with a slightly citrus hit of orange. Hints of spotted dick, rich dark chocolate, creamy toffee and butterscotch blend with the subtle notes of liquorice, whilst the taste profile brings together vanilla and light citrus fruits. There’s also a slightly dry, dark chocolate and light honey taste, alongside subtle liquorice flavour.

The new Triple Distilled Single Malt Whisky is available from all good whisky retailers, RRP £51.99.