The Great British Porridge Co. launches single serve breakfast bowls


With busy lifestyles fuelling the change in breakfast habits, The Great British Porridge Co. has launched its new one-pot porridge bowls for an easy and healthy breakfast on the go.

Available in 60g, 100% recyclable pots, the new Breakfast Bowls from The Great British Porridge Co. aim to prove that quick breakfasts can be delicious, healthy and nutritious.

“There’s a huge gap in the market for a healthy and all natural breakfast pot that can be enjoyed on the go,” explains Jacqueline Barleycorn, founder of The Great British Porridge Co. “So many options available on the market are packed with sugar so we set out to prove that you can create something delicious using all natural ingredients and no added sugar. Our Breakfast Bowls are the perfect choice if you’re short on time, but care about your health and well-being.”

The new 60g Breakfast Bowls are the perfect portable porridge bowl to enjoy on the go; just add hot water, stir and enjoy. Three flavours are available: Classic Chocolate, Caffé Latte and Blueberry & Banana

Classic Chocolate is an indulgent bowl of creamy goodness with a delicious crunch of dairy free chocolate pieces supplied by Joy of Enjoy and all balanced with oats, flaxseeds and chia seeds. Sweetened by dates, and with no added sugar, this delicious and creamy breakfast bowl is healthy and indulgent.

Caffé Latte uses real ground coffee and crunchy cacao nibs from a local roasting company in Sussex, mixed with wholesome oats and rich, creamy coconut milk to give a naturally sweet and healthy coffee and breakfast combination.

Finally, Blueberry & Banana is the fruity choice, packed with antioxidant-rich blueberries and vitamin-boasting bananas – and naturally sweetened with dates and creamy coconut.

Lovingly mixed with the best British wholegrain oats, The Great British Porridge Co. uses only completely natural, ethically-sourced ingredients. Plus, each pot is 100% natural, packed with fibre, gluten free, dairy free, plant based and with no added sugar, making them a healthy and delicious choice to start the day for all the family.

The new Breakfast Bowls are available in 60g, 100% recyclable pots, RRP £1.29 from