The importance of proper PPE equipment for retail employees during the Coronavirus pandemic

Hand Cleaners is supplying a wide range of alcohol-based hand sanitiser products

Due to the increased risk that our essential workers are currently facing in wake of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the supply of proper personal protective equipment for those working within the retail sector is something that should be considered of high importance. There are numerous guidelines that have been set in place to help better protect those working on the front line, and retailers should closely consider these standards when securing PPE equipment for their stores & employees. It’s crucial that retailers take into account the importance of PPE for their staff members, as well as the overall quality of the personal protective equipment that they are supplying.

In the article below, we aim to discuss why the supply of proper personal protective equipment to retail employees is so important, as well as the standards that business owners should be meeting to ensure the safety of their workforce.

Personal protective equipment is designed to shield users from outside forces such as infectious agents & potentially harmful chemicals. When applied to a pandemic situation such as the Covid-19 outbreak, this equipment can also be used to prevent the spread of infection between staff members and customers.

Under updated restrictions announced by the UK Government back in September of 2020, it is currently obligatory for retail workers to wear PPE, such as proper face coverings, while in the workplace; staff members who fail to wear facemasks could face potential fines of up to £200 under this new rule.

It goes without saying that businesses should work to supply their staff members with high-quality face coverings that they can use when working within the retail environment, however, these should be up to a certain standard to ensure the proper safety of staff members. Supplying surgical grade disposable facemasks provided by a trusted distributor is a great way for businesses to make sure that they are providing retail employees with the best possible protection, avoiding some of the low-quality and ineffective PPE products currently being seen on the market.

The supply of proper facial coverings to staff members is one of the most important requirements that retailers should be meeting to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, so the quality of the products that businesses are supplying to their employees should not be compromised. Proper personal protective equipment is of a high importance for essential workers; however, it is important to remember that the supply of quality facial coverings is only one of the ways that retail companies can work to protect their staff within the workplace. There are numerous other measures that business owners should be taking to protect essential workers from Covid-19, such as limiting the number of customers allowed into your establishment at one time, enforcing social distancing measures, and even setting up handwashing and disinfectant stations at key entrances, as well as around the shop floor, for both employee and customer use.

Disinfectant products such as alcohol-based hand sanitisers are proven to play a vital role in both the prevention and control of a range of illnesses and infections, making the supply of such to retail environments crucial for managing the safety of customers and staff members alike. Hand Cleaners is able to supply a wide range of alcohol-based hand sanitiser products to companies operating across the UK. Stocking products from a number of highly reputable brands, Hand Cleaners can accommodate bulk Purell hand sanitiser orders, as well as supply refill cartridges and dispensing systems, for companies still in operation throughout the pandemic, helping to promote good hygiene and prevent the spread of infection within the retail environment.

To conclude, proper personal protective equipment is highly important for those still working in customer- facing jobs in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, helping to ensure their safety as well as the safety of their customers.

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