The Perfume Shop reveals new survey as it transforms kids to be ‘Just Like Dad’ this Father’s Day

The Perfume Shop has revealed that men feel themselves becoming more like their Dads as they hit their 30s, as it launches its Father’s Day campaign, Just Like Dad.

A new survey commissioned by the perfume retailer asked at what age respondents felt like they were becoming just like their Dads. While for women, the largest majority (40%) cited their teen years or younger as being the time the first realised they were a chip off the old block, for men it came much later, with 48% claiming they only realised they were becoming like their own Dad in their 30s or older.

The Father’s Day campaign sees The Perfume Shop partner with creative agency Seven and makeup artist Beth Gallagher ( to transform a group of kids to be Just Like Dad, surprising their unsuspecting fathers in the process. Using her signature clever makeup techniques, Bethany made over her models with greyed hair, wrinkles and even designer stubble to become the mini-me of their old man, resulting in a heartfelt video campaign available to watch on YouTube.

When it comes to the scents that remind us most of our Dads, it comes as little surprise that ‘his aftershave’ was the top answer, with 21% of the vote, proving the power of scent in triggering memories and reminding us of those we love. Beer (13%) and freshly cut grass (11%) were the next most popular ‘Dad’ smells, with other reminders triggering memories including Brylcream, bonfires, sawdust and smelly feet!

We’ve all inherited some pearls of wisdom from our Dads and the favourite bit of Dadvice that had been passed down was to ‘treat others how you want to be treated’ (19%), along with the sage advice to ‘save your money’ (16%) and to ‘do what makes you happy’ (12%).

The survey respondents were also asked what traits they think they’ve inherited from their fathers that have made them Just Like Dad. 38% cited their work ethic, while 37% claimed it was their sense of humour, and 29% their independence. It’s not all positive traits however as 18% of respondents said they wish they hadn’t inherited their Dad’s temper, followed by 9% saying they wish they didn’t have Dad’s nose and 8% his hairline (or lack thereof!).

Dads might want to look away from this one though, as it looks like Mum still tops the tables as the person people most looked up to, with 30% of the vote, pipping Dad with 22%.

Cathy Newman, The Perfume Shop’s Marketing & Customer Experience Director comments of the campaign; “We know this Father’s Day will be more special than ever for many who have been apart from family over the last year, so we wanted to bring a smile to our customers’ faces.”

When asked what they thought their Dad’s most annoying habit was, surprisingly snoring didn’t take the number one spot, dropping in at number two with 12% of the vote, behind not listening with 13%. The third most annoying habit was voted him ‘always being right’ (11%).