The Pished Fish rakes the plunge with hot-smoked salmon

With winter now done and dusted, it’s time to park one’s favourite broths, casseroles and hearty pasta dishes and start thinking about the rich tapestry of fresh yet involving flavour marriages that invariably usher in the start of the ‘outdoorsy’ season (picnics, BBQ….).

Needless to say, there are few brands better equipped than The Pished Fish when it comes ‘testing the waters’ or ‘raiding the flavour vaults’ to showcase the noble Scottish salmon’s deliciously decadent, booze-infused aspirations.

The Pished Fish’s voyage into hot smoked salmon was originally inspired by James & Hermione’s honeymoon road trip across the USA where their euphoric taste buds were constantly exposed to all manner of majestic BBQ delights.

Well-renowned for its bold, booze-infused beliefs, James felt the time was now ripe for The Pished Fish to broaden its ‘flavour horizons’ courtesy of the perfect honey and bourbon blend that’s been slowly ‘hot smoked’ over hickory to create the perfect sweet yet smoky Texas twang. 

Having originally made its name in dry-cured salmon, The Pished Fish was determined to enrich its retail offer further with a succulent yet flaky hot-smoked/honey-glazed salmon that could pair perfectly with everything from pasta salads and dips to crostini, bagels, scrambled eggs and even quiche.

According to co-founder, James Eagle: “With world cuisine increasingly finding its voice in the UK voice we felt the time was ripe to celebrate the special relationship that exists between our two nations by simply showcasing bourbon’s hunger to mix with more than coke & ice.”