The Real Basmati Rice Co launches in UK and goes on sale on Amazon

New rice brand launches in UK

New rice brand launches in UK

An aged basmati rice sourced from single estate farms has launched in the UK and is on sale at Amazon and through distributors.

The Real Basmati Rice Company claims ageing the rice for at least 12 months gives it a more aromatic taste at the same time ensuring the grains do not stick together when cooked. 

Founder, Shahid, said he turns the farmers he works with into friends and shares their passion of using traditional methods to make sure things are done the right way.

The majority of rice we eat tends to come from farms in India and Pakistan where harvest is pooled and sold as a commodity at auctions, said Shadid.  

Traceability is near impossible. However, The Real Basmati Rice Co claims it is on a mission to change the way we buy rice and makes a point of only working with producers who cultivate rice in the most natural way.  

To those eating the rice this means the purest and tastiest Basmati rice with nothing nasty added, the company said.

One of the farms The Real Basmati Rice Co. works with is based in the Punjab region in Pakistan.  

Located between two rivers, Jhelum and Chenab, the area boasts ideal conditions for rice farming. After travelling the area extensively, Shahid said knew he had stumbled across something special. “It was like stepping back in time,” he said, “where traditional and sustainable farming methods are still combined with obsessive care, dedication and passion.” 

Shahid sources rice direct from Aslam Farm in the Punjab.  

Aslam is a family estate where all members live, work, eat and do everything together.  

Once harvested, farmers lay the rice reeds in the sun for two weeks to help it dry. The reeds are then beaten, by hand, to separate the grains from the shells and the husks are removed.  

Once this process is complete, the rice is bagged in jute sacks and placed in large rice stores away from the elements to age and mature. 

After a minimum of 12 months drying time to bring out the delicious flavour and texture of the rice, each grain is polished before being packed, by hand, and put on a slow boat to the UK.

RRP £3.95 for a 1kg bag. All packaging is made from 100% recycled material.

The Real Basmati Rice Co is available for retail buyers through Cotswold Fayre and Porter Foods.