The Woolf’s Kitchen announces the launch of Woolf’s bites

The Woolf’s Kitchen, created during the first lockdown by Leith’s trained cook Dominique Woolf, is bringing Thai fusion style sauces to stores across London and the UK. Since its launch in June 2020, the company has grown exponentially, from producing bottles for a local farmers market, Dominique now supplies upwards of 45 stores with her sauces and has sold around 4500 bottles. Following this initial success, Woolf added a range of flavoured nuts to her products in December – Woolf Bites. 

Thai fusion sauces

Both sets of products – her sauces and Woolf Bites – are inspired by Woolf’s heritage, time spent with her Thai family, and in particular her Thai Auntie’s homemade sauces that would be served with every meal. This flavour palate is what inspired the Tamarind Ketchup, the original Woolf’s Kitchen sauce based on her auntie’s recipe, with an addictive sweet and tangy flavour. The other two sauces are Jalapeno + Lime, a nod to Mexican cuisine, and Hot + Sour,  spicy and sweet with a hint of garlic.

Snacking on nuts is a much loved feature of Thai culture, and Woolf has brought this tradition through in her Woolf Bites range. Each flavour is different; versatile, great for snacking and an ideal accompaniment to any meal requiring a bit of texture.

The Woolf’s Bites range includes; Smoky Beast Almonds, Crafty Cocoa Peanuts and Sticky Cayenne Nut Mix. Having created the range just before Christmas, Dominique has now sold upward of 4000 bags to a wide range of stockists across the country.

Each of the packets of nuts come with specific drinks pairings, for the Crafty Cocoa Peanuts pair them with an after dinner coffee, liqueur or honeyed single malt. The Sticky Cayenne work with a Gin and Tonic, hoppy IPA or zingy cocktails and the Smoky Beast Almonds are perfect with a glass of fizz, ice cold lager or glass of oaky Rioja.

All sauces (and all nuts bar the Sticky Cayenne Nut Mix which contains honey) are completely vegan and are available to buy online via the Woolf’s store or in a number of regional stockists.