The Work Perk & PastaPiing deliver successful product sampling campaign


Microwaveable pasta brand, PastaPiing, recently completed a product sampling campaign with The Work Perk – which resulted in 97% of participants saying they would purchase the product when it launches in stores later this year.

Sampling campaign

Sampling expert The Work Perk was enlisted to distribute 20,000 packs of PastaPiing, which comes in four varieties – spaghetti, penne, macaroni and fusilli – across the South East. The samples were delivered straight to the desks of consumers in 40 workplaces including; NHS hospitals, local authority offices and energy providers. Post-trial consumers were then asked to complete an online survey reviewing the product.

Key results from the campaign showed that from a respondent pool of 3,330 testers; 78% gave PastaPiing a rating of 4+ stars out of 5 for both taste and appearance, and 25% could see it replacing industry-leading brands in their shopping basket such as Pot Noodle and Super Noodles. Other results included 85% of respondents providing a 4+ star rating for packaging design, 65% saying they would buy it as a handy office lunch and 56% opting to buy it as a quick dinner option.

Michael Hurcum, marketing manager at PastaPiing, said: “This product sampling campaign was a fantastic opportunity for us to gather some valuable consumer insight into what people think about PastaPiing, which situations or occasions in their lives they would eat it, how much they would pay for it and more. It validated some of the decisions we’ve made whilst bringing the product to market, as well as giving us some areas to work on and improve. Overall we are delighted with the results that the Work Perk campaign achieved and being able to put the product in front of our target audience was simply invaluable”.

Hannah Campbell, operations director at The Work Perk, commented: “The Work Perk offers brands a gateway to robust and reliable consumer panels that provide them with insightful feedback on their products. The PastaPiing campaign really demonstrates how a targeted campaign, to a specific audience, can deliver some valuable results for a brand launching an NPD.”

The next PastaPiing sampling campaign with The Work Perk kicks off on Monday 23 July in the Midlands.