Timberland connects three purpose-driven global communities championing nature and human nature in short film


Global lifestyle brand Timberland has partnered with three purpose-led communities from Chicago, London and Shanghai, to empower people to step outside and move the world forward.

Showcased in a new short film in line with the brand’s global ‘Nature Needs Heroes’ campaign, Mural Moves, Flock Together and Dayun Tang discuss art, the outdoors and fashion design respectively. The three communities all share a passion for nature and human nature, connecting them to Timberland’s commitment to create a movement of purpose for a greener planet.  

Communities created by Mural Moves, Flock Together and Dayun Tang, are crucial in today’s world to move forward.. They are society’s crutch for making the world a better place, they encourage people to take stock of their surroundings and nurture their environment. 

Flock Together , a London-based birdwatching collective that challenges the under representation of black, brown and POC in the ‘outdoor’ space. They seek to reclaim green spaces and rebuild their relationship with nature one walk at a time. The movement is built on the premise of six pillars; building community, challenging perceptions, showing the benefits of nature, championing ecological protection, offering mental health support and providing creative mentorship for the next generation through the Flock Together Academy. .

In Chicago, Mural Moves, a family of artists encourages communities to reclaim their neighbourhoods through the art of storytelling. They aim to revive neglected city blocks and outdoor areas through art, helping design a more inclusive, better future for everyone. Each of their projects is an opportunity for anyone interested to come out and share their story.

Dayun Tang is a Chinese fashion designer whose fashion house, Garçon by Garçon, partners sustainable practices with progressive design. Derived from the passion of exploring adolescent memories with pieces designed for young people and adults alike. 

Timberland implores people to discover, learn and support Mural Moves, Flock Together and Dayun Tang as their mission grows.

In pursuit of a greener future, Timberland recently made a commitment to become Net Positive by 2030, as well as pledging to plant 50 million trees by 2025 in partnership with organisations such as Treedom