It’s time for Christmas Day deliveries, says leading parcelbroker


With Christmas Eve same-day retail deliveries now widely available, 2017 will be the year we finally see Christmas Day deliveries, predicts ParcelHero.

Shoppers are leaving Christmas ordering later than ever this year; thanks to Christmas Eve same-day deliveries from retailers such as Argos and Net-a-Porter: but the expert online parcel broker ParcelHero says Christmas Day deliveries will be demanded for 2017.

ParcelHero’s head of consumer research, David Jinks, says: “Christmas Day is full of surprises; such as that embarrassing moment when someone presents you with a lavish gift and all you’ve got them is a charity card. Or when you’ve bought your child Pokémon Sun when it was Pokémon Moon they had their little hearts set on. If ever there was a day that needs same-day deliveries, it’s Christmas.

“We live in an era of increasingly instant gratification; and some consumers are prepared to pay handsomely for that convenience. Retailers need to wake up to changing demands; and there is little doubt that there is a considerable untapped market just waiting for the first retailer to deliver on the 25th. Our Christmas deadlines online tool, revealing Britain’s favourite stores’ last possible order dates, is more popular than ever this year; as we all learn we can leave ordering even later. Christmas Day deliveries will be the logical culmination of this trend.

“Of course, relatively few delivery staff want to be working Christmas Day, and no one should be pressurised to work on the day. But there are enough people who would want to be available – perhaps because they don’t come from a Christian background or simply enjoy being out and seeing people on Christmas day – to provide a premium Christmas Day delivery service. We believe both the demand and the resources are there to make Christmas day deliveries happen in 2017.

“Food deliveries are already popular on Christmas Day through the likes of hungryhouse (which has just been sold by Delivery Hero to Just Eat for £200 million). Where food deliveries lead, retail deliveries are seldom far behind.

“There’s no reason why Santa should have the monopoly on Christmas Day deliveries – and he’d probably welcome a helping hand.”