Time to think not simply ‘cheese & biscuits’ but ‘cheese in biscuits’


The joy of the big festive breaks is that it provides the perfect opportunity to retrieve the cheeseboard from the deepest, darkest cupboard in the house (hidden in the midst of your latest healthier living putsch) before cramming it full of the finest cheeses known to man.

It goes without saying that outside the obligatory smattering of grapes and fine wine, the next big decision is which cheese biscuits provide the perfect stage for your fastidiously chosen, top-notch cheese to get your foodie senses into overdrive.

One school of thought insists that the perfect cheeseboard bikkie must very much play second fiddle to the cheese, a simple sackcloth proposition (made from finest ingredients) that refuses to take any of the spot light off the headlining cheeses.

However,  the meteoric success of Great British Biscotti’s savoury leaning range suggests that this is one Dorset based baker that thinks a little differently from the masses, leading  to the creation of this thriving biscuiteers ‘cheese-in-biscuit’ portfolio.

According to Great British Biscotti bon viveur, Paul Rostand: “Whilst no-one questions that it is the noble cheese that must headline any meaningful cheeseboard offer, the support cast biscuits have a unflinching responsibility not to be dull or drab, which is why my team has spent a lot of time perfecting the perfect cheese-infused biscuit collection. Whether one fancies Stilton & Raisins or any number of perfectly weighted cheddar marriages (fennel, jalapeno or chorizo), The Great British Biscotti Company has the answer.”