‘Tis the season to be leaving, says Clintons


Whilst January is often associated with resolutions and life changes, when it comes to landing that new job, card sales suggest that June and July are peak months.

For those remaining in the workplace, a colleague leaving can stir up mixed emotions. Polling on behalf of occasions retailer Clintons reveals that up to 40% of us have been surprised by something written in a leaving card. 10% have discovered a new love interest whilst 18% have received a comment which made them doubt the friendship.

Nicola Miller, head of cards at Clintons, said: “We spend such a large proportion of our lives at work that it can be an emotional time when a colleague decides to leave. Many of us don’t feel confident enough to say what we truly feel until there’s an opportunity to put it in writing. Likewise, it will often be the last correspondence with people we’ve known for years and can leave a lasting impact.”

Nicola Miller, added: “We see sales of New Job cards hit their peak in early Summer whilst the category has doubled since 2016. Likewise, Sorry You’re Leaving cards have followed this trend with sales up 10% in the same period since 2016.”