Top global brands use Webtrends to monitor online presence


Top global brands including McDonald’s, Microsoft, Vodafone and China Mobile are using Webtrends to measure and improve their online, mobile and social presence, according to the analytics company.

The brands, which feature in the top 10 brands globally in the Brandz Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands ranking, use Webtrends to improve their online performance and gather data on social and mobile activity, the company claims.

Along with customer insight of their brands, Webtrends says it helps businesses to understand their customer’s demands and generate awareness of the brand globally, while strengthening their standing in the top brands ranking.

Webtrends has executed an optimisation programme for Microsoft Office Live Small Business UK, for example. It included the creation and development of a new landing page combined with a multi-variate test (a statistical technique used to analyse data from more than one variable). Though it is one of the fastest-growing small businesses in the UK, the Office Live Small Business UK team felt performance could improve further and wanted to understand the elements, which drive sign-ups. It partnered with Webtrends to improve performance for traffic generated from Pay Per Click (PPC) activities. The success event was defined as a click-out into the sign-up funnel.

Nick Sharp, vice-president and general manager of EMEA at Webtrends, said: “Competition to retain global brand ranking is fierce. Webtrends’ support of 50% of the top 10 global brands is no coincidence. It shows how Webtrends is invaluable to these mega-brands in gathering all they need to know about their online presence worldwide and increasingly in the mobile and social space.”