Top new product: Deep Learning technology to lead successful retail recovery

Cutting-edge face-covering detection system

It goes without saying that the retail sector has been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic, and the recently introduced government guidelines place even more pressure on already strained retailers. Using years of expertise and its advanced Deep Learning technology, Videcon has developed a suite of solutions to help the struggling sector get back on its feet and succeed again. 

The brand-new range includes the cutting-edge face-covering detection system called COVERED by Videcon. This brand-new technology is designed to increase operational efficiencies, deliver a quick return on investment, and ultimately, protect customers and employees. 

The initial data, collected from several major retailers currently trialling COVERED from Videcon’s Detect & Protect range, shows an approx. 28 days return on investment.

COVERED- the artificially intelligent face-covering detection system

COVERED identifies whether a person is wearing a cover over their mouth and nose

Developed in direct response to the new compulsory face-covering policy across England’s shops, COVERED utilises Videcon’s own Deep Learning system that is taught to identify whether a person in a specific area is wearing a cover over their mouth and nose. The system comes with a customisable digital display and allows for a range of notification options to suit the user, from subtle audio warnings to staff through to controlling access to the premises. 

With shops not being necessarily responsible for enforcing customer compliance with the new face-covering policy, subtle notifications by Covered present retailers with a user-friendly solution that can prevent conflicts between customers and staff, while still increasing shoppers’ confidence that appropriate safety measures are in place. 

In conclusion, COVERED demonstrates that retailers can provide a safe environment for their customers and staff whilst securing greater efficiencies, resulting in higher revenue and quick return on investment. 

Learn more about the Detect & Protect range here or contact the Videcon’s Sales team for bespoke solutions

(A Retail Times’ sponsored article)