Top new product: dual-functionality social distancing products launched by phs Greenleaf


Horticulture services company phs Greenleaf has launched a new range of products to support the retail and food industries to implement social distancing and hygiene measures.

Social distancing freewalls

The new products include portable ‘freewall’ plant dividers, hand sanitising units, directional signage, bins and planting with built-in dispensers – all combining practicality with aesthetics. The new concept brings a fresh, green design to the functional objects now needed for everyday retail life to provide hand sanitising stations, create queuing systems, keep people a safe distance apart and direct customers through one-way routes.

Hand sanitiser planter

Handmade in the UK and available immediately, the range is purpose-designed to support retailers follow social distancing and hygiene guidelines by providing long-term solutions with novel designs to add greenery, making them look more inviting and attractive to staff and customers. The surfaces of several of the new products are coated in copper which has natural antiviral and antibacterial properties. Each product incorporates a choice of real or artificial planting with the option for messaging, logos or directional arrows as well as being easy to reposition.

Directional arrow planters: enhancing wellbeing

The use of plants also has the added benefit of also enhancing wellbeing as plants improve air quality, air humidity and are proven to reduce anxiety.

Emily Vernon, managing director of phs Greenleaf which is part of phs Group, said: “There is a lot of pressure on organisations to roll out new measures to keep their employees, customers and visitors safe within their premises. We’ve all seen many examples of tables outside buildings with a bottle of sanitiser, rolls of paper towels, make-shift bins and lots of tape used to create arrows and queuing systems. However, while on a practical scale this does the job, it’s very much a temporary measure and doesn’t look particularly great. This is where our new range of social-distancing products come to the fore and we know they will be incredibly popular with businesses across all sectors; helping to keep people a safe distance apart, directing them through queuing and one-way systems and providing essentials such as hand sanitiser, gloves and masks. They are practical and will have not just a dual but triple functionality of improving the aesthetics of a premises as well as enhancing wellbeing which we believe could make the difference between whether a potential customer walks by or enters a premises.”

The products include:

  • Freewalls: Planted with moss or artificial plants, the freewalls join together to create dividers for rooms, queues or seating areas. While seemingly a permanent fixture, the freewalls are on wheels and are easily portable to create new configurations with the option to add logos or arrows.
  • Directional planters: Arrow planters with real or artificial plants acting as directional signage – with option to add images or messaging. Traditional planters to create distance between areas are also available, including letter planters to spell out words.
  • Hand sanitising units: Simple yet attractive planting units with integrated sanitiser dispenser in a range of styles and colours with matching clean bins with the option of a child-friendly POMBOT version with a smiley face.
  • Other products: Glove, mask and tissue dispensers, living walls and interior planters to create distance, wall panels with built-in dispensers, ashtrays, recycling bins and rat-control units.

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