Top new product: Kite Packaging’s e-commerce range solves the logistical challenges facing online businesses


Companies of today are faced with three main challenges: reacting to the digital shift of consumer shopping habits, retaining an environmental consciousness in keeping with current trends and maintaining profit and growth levels. Kite Packaging has released a range of specialist e-commerce products tailored specifically toward these pressures. Adaptation into e-commerce necessitates careful consideration into logistics: how you intend to store stock and how to ensure rapid order fulfilment. Customers have reported that a fast home delivery is one of the primary appeals of online shopping, establishing an efficient logistics system as a crucial factor to secure repeat custom. Kite offers sophisticated solutions to elevate the selling capacity of an e-commerce business.

Conserve storage space with hivewrap

Physical space can be a scarce resource for growing businesses, a problem illustrated by the number of shop fronts that have been converted into warehouses during the national lockdown. Products such as bubble wrap can take up lots of space, hence, Kite Packaging launched hivewrap in January 2021 which has the added benefit of being 100% recyclable and biodegradable. The honeycomb inspired structure comprises of expandable cells that interlock, eliminating the need for any glue or tape. This slashes packaging time and cuts costs, minimising overheads and streamlining the overall process. Due to the intelligent construction, this paper wrap requires 20 times less storage space than traditional bubble while boasting excellent flexibility and malleability ideal for moulding around delicate or awkward items. The space conservation also translates to a 35% cost saving. 

Fuss-free, sustainable void fill

Achieve optimal in-box protection, effortless efficiency and enhance your green credentials with Kite’s shredded paper void fill. The ‘grab and pack’ design enables professional efficiency suitable for companies with growing ecommerce orders while the high-quality paper provides exceptional holding power and strength compared to other void fill materials. Historically, void fill would be exclusively available from plastic or polystyrene materials, however, Kite has fronted innovation by offering FSC and PEFC certified shredded paper that is recyclable, biodegradable and highly aesthetic, available in either kraft, black or white. 

Rapid assembly boxes

Our purpose-made ecommerce boxes are similarly an excellent choice for efficient, high volume packing. Manufactured from an 100% recyclable single wall, these boxes feature a crash lock base and integrated lid with peel-&-seal strip enabling a quick assembly. Sealing the box is equally intuitive and speedy thanks to the internal folding corners that lock into place and are fastened by the built-in adhesive strip that easily tears open again for end-user satisfaction. This design increases efficiency and conserves storage space while remaining environmentally friendly: ticking all the essential boxes for a thriving ecommerce business.

Aesthetic and efficient gift boxes

Kite’s new pillow boxes situate this rapid construction quality within the small gift industries, demonstrating a personal touch without sacrificing the efficiency of a pick and pack operation. 

Items such as jewellery, wedding favours or candles are elegantly packaged in Kite’s fully recyclable solid board pillow boxes. The unique form is easily assembled from a convenient flat-pack arrival, popping into shape by folding along the scored tabs. The curvature of each face provides outstanding reinforcement intended to resist dents and damages in transit. Compact storage, fast dispatch speed and sustainability concerns are all met with the addition of an appealing gift box exterior.

Shield glass bottles from breakages

Drinks companies that have embraced ecommerce have benefitted massively from lockdown with experts predicting that online sales will make up 15-20% of the food and beverage industry’s overall sales by 2025. Courtesy of Kite Packaging, glass bottles can be reliably protected with the extreme strength of hexagonal cells or corrugated paper, two solutions that exemplify sustainability. The Flexi-Hex sleeve is comprised of 85% recycled paper that can biodegrade or easily put back into the recycling system after use. This high-quality protection mirrors the honeycomb technology utilised in Kite’s hivewrap. Both solutions arrive flat-packed for ease of storage and fold into shape in seconds for a seamless packing process perfectly suited to high pressure ecommerce environments.

The ecommerce logistics market grew by more than a quarter in 2020, highlighting a prioritisation of investment into online selling as ecommerce sales in the UK increased by 46% in the same year. Consumer requirements demand next-day or even same-day delivery, making a frictionless pick and pack operation vital for holding space in a virtual marketplace. Those companies which have adapted have prompted predictions for a continually dominate digital market as the convenience benefits outweigh those of the high street. High quality packaging solutions smooth operations to allow for greater selling capacity in addition to enhanced customer satisfaction stemming from quicker dispatch times. Integrated into all of the above solutions is a focus on sustainability to further a positive brand image and meet the expectations of today’s online shopper.

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