Top new product: the beauty brand tackling the virus & keeping your skin protected

Pure Touch Moisturising Hand Cream: certified to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses

The Covid 19 pandemic has altered almost everything about our way of life. From how we socialise to how we do our weekly shop in the supermarket, new rules are in place governing how we all interact and consume. 

Hand washing and sanitising points are now in every pub, restaurant, supermarket and shop entrance in the country – due to government and World Health Organisation guidelines on how we can help ‘stop the spread’. 

But, as we can all attest, this dedication to sanitising and washing multiple times a day is taking its toll on our skin. Google Trends Data from the end of February to the end of March noted an enormous 186% rise in consumers searching for hand cream, to deal with the stripping and drying effects alcohol heavy sanitisers are causing. 

With this rise in demand, it is no wonder we are beginning to see beauty brands creating 2-in-1 products that infuse alcohols into hand cream formulations – in attempt to address the issue. However, not all that glitters is gold. Many do not carry official antibacterial and virucidal certifications or claims that make them appealing to the customer as a legitimate alternative to a gel based sanitiser in store, and qualify them to sit within the hygiene fixtures next to hand washes and gels.

Which is where Creightons, British beauty manufacturer, comes in. With expertise in formulating and developing luxury beauty as well as sanitants for medical and institutional use, it set to work developing a moisturising hand cream that is alcohol free, hydrating and most importantly officially certified to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Its aptly named Pure Touch Moisturising Hand Cream is patent pending, EN 1276 and EN 14476 certified – with a further EN 1500 certification also pending. 

Pure Touch Moisturising Hand Cream
leaves skin feeling hydrated and moisturised

The brand’s senior technical development chemist, Mark Bullimore commented: “Creightons prides itself in its technical innovation and laboratory capability. On this occasion our chemists set out to find the right combination of materials to optimize biocide effectiveness, and we have found a unique combination where the active ingredients have not been deactivated by the other moisturising ingredient materials. Frequent use of hand gels and washing hands can also leave hands dry, cracked and irritated. Our cream is substantive to the skin and will continue to have a prolonged effect between uses as well as leaving skin feeling hydrated and moisturised.”

This innovative and market disruptive product offers a fantastic solution for shoppers within this climate; it can also sit alongside sanitisers and washes as well as hand cream in store, because it legitimately and credibly solves the issue of dryness and effectively cleanses – filling the gap in the market for a safe, tested and hydrating alternative to the traditional sanitiser standards. 

Available now online & in ASDA stores across the UK.
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