Top of the Shops: online grocery sales by volume w/e 3/10/2012


Retail Times’ Top of the Shops online grocery sales report is bought to you in conjunction with mySupermarket. Week ending 3/10/2012

Asda: Just seven national brands make it into Asda’s top 50 online basket this week, compared with nine last time. The retailer’s Smartprice own brand is still dominant with 12 items in the basket, just two fewer than before. Asda’s Butcher’s Selection label gets three look-ins this week across chicken, pork and beef products. Price-wise, in-season parnsips are 49% cheaper at 50p per 500g than before. The only notable price increase is for Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, up 34% to £2.68.

Ocado: Waitrose Essentials continues to make further inroads into Ocado’s top 50 online basket with 25 products featured, up from 22 last time. Cirio Chopped Tomatoes retain their top four ranking and are joined by Plenty Kitchen Towels as brands in the top 10.

Fish remains on Ocado shoppers’ lists this week. Waitrose Select Farm Salmon Fillets (4 per pack – 550g) are 33% cheaper than last time and get into the basket. The Duchy Originals from Waitrose brand retains its top 50 ranking with Organic Welsh Lamb Leg Steaks (2 per pack – Approx 233g) but has slipped in the rankings. Two brands are 101% more expensive than last time – Copella English Apple Juice and Loyd Grossman Pasta Sauce – Tomato & Red Wine (350g).

Sainsbury’s: Sainsbury’s top 50 online basket has fewer national brands this week – 12 compared to 17 last time. The Basics brand gets six entries this week, including Iceberg lettuce, double the number last time.

Nouvelle 100% Recycled Soft Toilet Tissue – 207 Sheets per Roll (9) is the highest ranked brand despite a 29% price increase this week versus last time. Premier Deli Breaded Ham (180g) is the biggest price mover, however, and at £3.00 is double the price last time.

Tesco: Tesco’s top 50 online basket has one of the highest proportions of national this week – 15 out of the total 50, and up one on last time. Tesco shoppers continue to buy into its Everyday Value brand with 12 items under this label featuring in the top 50, two fewer than last time.

Tesco buyers like their tortillas but this time it’s Old El Paso that wins a place in the basket versus own label last time.

Chicken products record some of the biggest price increases this week with Tesco Healthy Living Chicken Breast Fillets Skinless (515g) up 50% to £6.00, but still a top 10 product; while Tesco Whole British Roaster Chicken – Large (Approx 2Kg) is up 25% to £5.00.