Topman join UK’s largest charging network, ChargeApp


ChargeApp, the UK’s largest mobile charging network, has today announced a partnership with leading charging station provider, Charge Point. The new partnership has seen the addition of 95 charging stations to ChargeApp’s European network of over 3,500 charging points listed on the app.

ChargeApp eliminates the worry for mobile phone users of losing power on the go by providing a map with real-time navigation to their nearest charging point, driving footfall into retailers and locations offering the facility. This latest partnership sees the addition of Topman to ChargeApp’s already impressive network of retailers, which includes John Lewis, Pret, McDonald’s and Starbucks.

ChargeApp’s unique functionality also provides retailers with a direct marketing channel to consumers, giving them the ability to use location-based push notifications to present exclusive offers to increase spend while in store and encourage brand loyalty through incentivising return visits.

ChargeApp co-founder, Joe Giordano, says: “ChargeApp has natural synergies with Charge Point, which is widely recognised as the leading provider of mobile charging stations in the UK. The partnership has added more top tier names to the already illustrious list of brands listed on the app. Since its launch, ChargeApp has proved very popular with consumers, who are downloading and using it in growing numbers. Savvy retailers are also increasingly recognizing the opportunity to harness the latest mobile technologies to cut through the marketing noise and engage more effectively with consumers.”

Charge Point director, Karl Moss, comments: “There is a rapidly growing network of charging points across the UK to meet consumer need for power on the go. ChargeApp fills the gap in the market by directing people to their nearest charging station. The really clever part of the app is in its marketing functionality for retailers by connecting brands directly to customers while they are in-store using charging facilities in order to boost footfall, sales and loyalty.”

ChargeApp’s network encompasses over 1,000 retail and public locations, including all major UK airports and train stations. The app is compatible with both Apple and Android devices and is available to download on iTunes and Google Play.