Torex integrates outdoor payment terminal to EPoS to reduce forecourt drive-offs


Torex, a leading global provider of technology to the convenience and fuel markets, is partnering with Gilbarco Vedeer-Root to offer forecourts integrated Outdoor Payment Terminal (OPT) technology, which it claims will help reduce the risk of drive-offs.

Forecourts who adopt the combined technology will be able to offer customers fuel-only fast lanes and pre-pay options, helping them to complete with rivals, said Torex.

Torex EPoS technology is being linked to Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s stand-alone FlexPay NP3 OPT. 

As rising fuel prices increase industry competition and the risk of drive-offs, FlexPay NP3 OPT technology provides a solution for forecourt owners with its pre-pay option, said Torex. 

The OPT can also be used to create a fast lane on sites, which allows fuel-only customers to quickly re-fuel, pay and leave. 

This increases throughput, enabling the site to serve more customers and is particularly useful for parents who don’t want to leave their children out of sight when paying in-store, said Torex.

It also makes the shopping experience quicker and more convenient for both fuel-only and convenience customers, the company adds. 

FlexPay NP3 can also be used in unmanned mode, allowing drivers to purchase fuel 24/7 when the forecourt store might be closed. The technology can be installed in remote rural areas where staffed forecourt sites might not be an option.

The FlexPay NP3 OPT is said to be designed in the style of an ATM, giving customers a familiar and easy to use interface, increasing customer adoption, said Torex.

The OPT is connected via Ethernet to the Torex EPoS system, which manages the transaction process alongside in-store transactions.An optional larger screen allows forecourt retailers to make additional revenue from advertising to encourage drivers to come and spend in-store with promotions.

Neil Atkinson, account manager, Torex, said: “Torex and Gilbarco Veeder-Root are both leaders in the convenience and forecourt industry, with best-of-breed solutions that complement each other. This partnership will allow our customers to benefit from both technologies whilst reducing drive-offs, which are becoming increasingly common in an already competitive fuel industry. It’s well-known major operators using OPT see an overall increase in customers and an increase in shop sales.”

Dale Woodcocok, UK retail solutions sales manager, Gilbarco Vendeer-Root, said: “We’re excited to be helping Torex customers enjoy the benefits of our secure and reliable FlexPay NP3 Outdoor Payment Terminal. It’s already a popular system across Europe, where thousands of Gilbarco Veeder-Root payment terminals have been installed. We’re looking forward to helping roll it out in the UK. ”