Tosca highlights the advantages of pooling reusable plastic pallets


Pooling pallets rather than owning them is increasingly being seen as an attractive option in today’s current market conditions. With the cost of wooden pallets being at their highest ever, and continuing to increase, pooling reusable plastic pallets enables growers, suppliers, and retailers to maximize their efficiency and minimize costs in their supply chains while also meeting sustainability targets. 

But what is pooling reusable plastic pallets, what are its advantages, and how do you find the right pooling partner? How can you guarantee that you can benefit from the right product at the right time and in the right place? 

Improving efficiency in the supply chain

With pooling, you remove the high costs associated with purchasing, administration, and maintenance of reusable plastic pallets. It has many benefits, namely, it is a more cost-effective option than owning, coordinating, and servicing your individual pallets and you can shield yourself from fluctuating wood pallet costs to better control budgets. 

Increasing sustainability

There are other advantages too. Reusable plastic pallets can help retailers to improve sustainability. Since some pallets are manufactured from a food-grade polypropylene, retailers and suppliers can meet their sustainability goals by eliminating the need for wood, cardboard, and metal. Furthermore, pooling reusable pallets reduces fossil fuel emissions, waste, and consumption of natural resources. 

Each year approximately 1.5 billion wood pallets are produced worldwide. If just a small percentage of these are converted to reusable plastics that would have a huge positive impact on the environment.

Improving safety and productivity

Compared to wooden pallets, reusable plastic pallets are stronger and more hygienic. Reusable plastic pallets from Tosca, a global leader in reusable packaging solutions and pooling for food supply chains, feature a novel ‘nestable’ design that simplifies the way pallets are stacked and moved around, while also saving valuable space during storage and transport. Depending on the plastic pallet used, it is possible to transport twice as many empty nested pallets in the average European lorryload compared to wooden pallets.

Furthermore, the time spent moving pallets is also reduced by the more efficient stacking, as the lightweight (typically 40% less than wooden pallets) and compact design enables forklifts to transfer more pallets. This helps optimize time spent on forklift operation and reduces warehouse traffic, cutting emissions and improving safety and productivity.

Efficiencies can also be realized in the cleaning process. Since wood pallets cannot get wet, the disinfecting process is complex, costly and the risk of cross-contamination remains. Plastic pallets can be easily washed and cleaned to the highest hygiene standards.

A pooling product for every need

It’s not just pallets that can be pooled. Tosca offers a wide portfolio of reusable packaging including crates, bulk, containers, tray, dollies, and displays to support our customers right through their supply chain, from farm or plant to retail store and point of consumption. 

And pooling reusable pallets is exceptionally efficient. For example, at Tosca we are the largest pooler of RPCs in North America and plastic pallets in Europe, making sure that pallets are always available and ready-to-use, and in the right location.

The perfect partner

It’s clear to see that leveraging pooling services can help manufacturers and retailers streamline operations and introduce new efficiencies into their supply chain. Therefore, it is crucial to pay attention when choosing your pooling partner to ensure they have the capacity, technology, services, and mindset you need. At Tosca, we leverage our in-house manufacturing and R&D to purpose-build assets that meet your challenges. Recently merged with Contraload and Polymer Logistics, Tosca has over 100 years of combined experience managing large supply chains and is a trusted partner to the world’s largest retailers and suppliers.

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