Toshiba appoints Steve Fox to lead global customer service programmes


Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions today appoints company executive Steve Fox to lead its worldwide services organisation.

 Toshiba’s newly named senior vice president, head of global services has responsibility for all aspects of the company’s global client service programs.  Fox will oversee Toshiba’s professional services, managed services, hardware break/fix, maintenance, deployment and store as a service initiatives.  He is tasked with ensuring Toshiba retail clients operate more efficiently and effectively while maintaining a stellar client experience.     

“Steve is an elite professional and managed services executive with expertise in designing and implementing best-in-class programs that help retailers of all sizes succeed,” Toshiba global commerce solutions president and chief executive officer Scott Maccabe stated.  

“His appointment is sure to help  us deliver more streamlined store operations and associate engagement to our customers.” 

Fox was Toshiba’s vice president of global services before accepting his current assignment. Before joining Toshiba, Fox was a partner at 5 Points Consulting, Inc. and vice president of professional services at eLoyalty.  While at both companies he implemented impactful client service initiatives resulting in material business benefits across multiple industries.  These initiatives include retail customer experience and self-service solutions for the world’s largest traditional grocer, a large North American department store chain, and several specialised apparel retailers.

Fox also served in multiple executive roles at eLoyalty, LLC, a global customer experience company.  At eLoyalty (now TTEC Holdings, Inc.), he led the creation and adoption of successful service initiatives for many of the world’s most recognizable brands. 

Fox holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and management information systems from Creighton University.  He is active with many charitable organizations including The Little Sisters of the Poor, Northern Illinois Food Bank, and the Archdiocese of Chicago.