Toshiba showcases power of mobile PoS solutions at RBTE

New hybrid PoS solution: Flight

New hybrid PoS solution: Flight

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions (TGCS), which combines the retail arm of Toshiba and the retail store solutions from IBM, showcased the power of mobile PoS solutions at RBTE 2014 (11-12 March 2014).

They include its hybrid mobile PoS solution, TCxFlight, which combines a mobile tablet with a docking station, giving retailers the freedom to use it as a traditional, fixed point of sale unit or for a range of mobile applications. 

It is already being used by the upscale US restaurant, Angus Barn; which offers several dining areas including a wine cellar, banqueting suites and cigar bar. The mobility of the solution makes it ideal for staff to-ing and fro-ing between each area. 

TCxFlight is also being used in a US department store in kiosk mode to sign customers up to credit schemes and loyalty cards or for stock checking etc.

Andrew Carr, business director UK & Ireland, TGCS, told Retail Times Toshiba is investing heavily in the retail sector to gain traction in a fast-changing marketplace.

“Customers are trying to interact with retailers in different ways. The [mobile] technology gives back retailers more control.”

Offering quality and robust technology is key, however. Carr said Toshiba’s expertise in developing rugged technology is now being brought to play in the mobile area. Independent tests which look at the performance of PoS in the retail environment have shown Toshiba to be best in class and offer the best Total Cost of Ownership (TOC).

Toshiba also showed its omni-channel PoS software solution, TCx Gravity, and its consumer mobile shopping solution, Amplify.  

Gravity enables shoppers to buy in any channel, get anywhere and return anywhere. It gives retailers access to consumers’ transaction history and can also be connected to call centres to provide complete customer visibility.

Amplify is Toshiba’s consumer mobile shopping and retail staff mobile queue busting solution. It is being used by the US grocer Wakefern. It is helping the supermarket reach customers in a new way and provide personalised communications and promotions throughout their store visit.